Using perhaps the World's Most Advanced
Speech-to-Text Technology!


The technology behind our Machine Transcription is a powerful media processor that performs speech-to-text conversion on video or audio format. This media processor leverages Deep Neural Net (DNN)-based speech recognition technology and has consistently outperformed industry-standard speech transcription technology.

It is reassuring to know that you will be using to process your speech is the result of millions of dollars and thousands of hours of research. This is as good as it gets!

Highly scalable

This simply means that we can handle large volume of jobs at the same time because we are not dependent on a single server to run jobs sequentially. As we are harnessing the scalability of the Cloud, we are able to run 1,000 jobs concurrently at same time! Which also means that our turn-around time is not dependent on how much hardware we own. 

The following demo is an illustration of the resultant transcript (unedited) from the video. Therefore, you will found missing words and errors in the caption. More importantly, you can take this demo as a gauge - if your audio is of similar quality, you can expect similar level of accuracy in your transcript.