3 Simple Steps to get the Job done
(and mostly within 24 hours)

IMPORTANT: We only provide MACHINE TRANSCRIPTION services in 80 languages. 


Create an account and upload your audio or video file for transcription


We will get back to you about the final cost before you make payment online.



We send you a notification with a download link when the job is complete.

WHat you get

We will return transcripts in the following format:

  • TXT (with or without timestamp)
  • VTT (with timestamp, additional charges apply)
  • SRT (with timestamp, additional charges apply)

Who are we?

Cloud Transcriber is a service provided by Babbobox. We developed this solution because we started providing machine transcribing for Professional Transcribers That is when we realize that there is a demand for 'value-for-money' and 'volume' transcription services.

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