Cloud Transcriber

How accurate is our machine transcription?

Honest answer is... it depends. Under ideal conditions, accuracy can go as high as 95%. However, there are a range of factors (like accent, speech volume, diction, background noise, multiple voices speaking at the same time, etc) that can affect the accuracy rate. At current technological levels, machine transcription is not going to take over the human anytime soon, but we believe that the engine that we are using is probably one of the best money can buy.

Are there audio files that is "UNsuitable"?

We do not want you to waste your money and our effort in doing a job that will yield bad results. Ideally, your media files should have clear speech (ideally without background music, noise, effects, or microphone hiss). Examples of appropriate content are: recorded meetings, lectures or presentations. 

The following might not be suitable for transcribing: movies, TV shows, anything with mixed audio and sound effects, poorly recorded content with background noise (hiss). In addition, there are factors that can affect the accuracy. For example, factors like:

  • heavy localised accent
  • low speech volume
  • bad diction
  • heavy background noise
  • multiple voices speaking at the same time

For example, if the accent is really heavy, the result can be as low as 20% accuracy. That will be a total waste of resources. If in doubt, please use a human transcription service instead. 

Do we provide HUMAN TrANSCRIPTIOn Services?

No. We provide only machine transcription. 

How much does it cost?

For pricing details, please CONTACT US.

What is the turnover time? 

Again, it depends on the job. We will let you know when we receive the file on the estimated turnover time. If it is a simple 2 hour transcription, you can expect things to turn over within 24 hours. However, if the file is 24 hours long, we will need a full 24 hours to run the entire job. 

Even though we run files through the machine, it is still a human to operate this service. As much as we like it to be 24/7, we cannot do this at this present time and can only operate during business days (Mon to Fri). Therefore, we sincerely seek your understand. 

What File Format do you accept?

We accept the following file formats: .wav, .wma, .wmv, .mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .aac., .mov, .avi

We do not accept files on physical devices such as SD cards, CDs, thumbdrives or tapes. If you have a different file format than what is listed here, please contact us

What file format will my completed transcription be returned as?

We will return in the following formats:

  • TXT (with or without timestamp)
  • VTT (with timestamp, additional charges apply)
  • SRT (additional charges apply)


Currently, our Media Processor is able to perform transcription for 120+ languages. The full list available HERE.


Yes. However, additional charges may apply, please CONTACT US

Do you transcribe multiple speaker files?

Our Media Processor is not able to distinguish between different speakers. So even though we do transcribe multiple speaker voices, we do NOT indicate their voices in the finished transcript.


Yes! Your privacy is of utmost importance! Files are stored using industrial grade encryption. Absolutely nobody outside has access to our system and your files. We do not even need to open your file to listen to its contents. Nor do we open the finished transcripts. Upon completion of the job, your files will be permanently deleted within 3 days. 

Do you provide Secured Cloud Storage for AUdio/Video files?

No, we do not. However, we highly recommend Babbobox (Intelligent Cloud Storage) or VideoSpace (Enterprise YouTube) for your audio/video files storage solutions. Not only do they provide storage, they are able to search into your media files!  

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.